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Welcome to From Pain to Power! My name is Simone. I am the no. #1 Heartbreak Coach on the German speaking market, no. #1 Amazon bestseller author of the German book Heal your Broken Heart. Step by Step from Heartbreak to a Happy Life and I write Germany’s biggest blog on heartbreak with more than 70.000 readers per month.

I help you to let go of your ex-partner by transforming the pain of your heartbreak into power.

With me you will find support and answers to your questions! I am not only providing knowledge in the field but also empathy and compassion because I know exactly how you feel, and how hopeless you might see your current situation.


My ex-partner and I had been a couple since March 2002. Over the period of 10 years we studied together, lived together, travelled around the world, and established a life together.

By the time I was almost 30 we had spent a long time together, and naturally talked about getting married and starting a family. We even knew the names we would give our children.

Until one day in the middle of May 2012. Unexpectedly, my ex-partner left me –completely out of the blue. And if that wasn’t already shocking and hurtful enough, he also replaced me with another woman within 4 weeks.

On that day, everything in my life went downhill. During the following 2 years I went through hell: fear, panic attacks, anger, helplessness, and a feeling of powerlessness that nobody who has ever been through the same experience could understand.

I had suicidal thoughts, which caused my manager at the time to force me to take some personal leave– luckily I followed this advice, otherwise I would have probably lost my job.

This was followed by agonizing months that brought me to my wits’ end. I was fighting to get him back, begging him and sacrificing my dignity.

But it was too late.

I reached a point where I was unable to continue without help and therefore started talking to a therapist, and later on to a coach.

During this time, I started to think deeper about what a broken heart and self-love mean. I read countless books on the subjects of psychology and personality development. I went to seminars, and educated myself further by completing online courses.

In August 2014, when I was finally over my breakup, I made the decision to start my own business From Pain to Power. I wanted to help other women and men overcome their broken hearts, regain self-confidence, and to start their new fulfilled and happy life faster than I.

And today?

I forgave my ex-partner, his new girlfriend, and myself, and can say with a smile: This breakup is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I want you to be able to say the same thing – that’s why I do what I do wholeheartedly.

I especially learned one thing:

Life always gives you what you need. Sometimes you just have to be strong enough to accept it.

– You will find this strength with me.

Pain is what drives our growth. Together with you it is my task to turn your pain into power and to guide you on your way to heal your heart and find true happiness.

Therefore, I offer the following possibilities:

During my one-on-one coaching sessions, I will help you transform the pain of your heartbreak into power. You will be able to let go of your ex-partner, develop self-confidence (again), and start building a life that will fulfill you from the bottom of your heart, which will then help you to find the right new partner.

My number #1 bestseller on Amazon “Heal your Broken heart. Step by Step from Heartbreak to a Happy Life” is currently being translated and will be available in English soon.

In addition, I offer 8 week intensive courses on the German market (‘How to get over your ex’ and ‘Get ready for your soulmate’), which I will also offer in English in 2018.

If you have any questions, I look forward to a message from you!

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